Why I love SSIS’ xml task

You too love it, right?? Yes I know, SSIS is such a great tool that’s pretty easy and fast to learn. And, XML’s been a revolution in the way data is being stored, transmitted and consumed. Ultimately, SSIS and XML make a cool combo, don’t they??

In this post, I would like to explore how SSIS’ XML task component could be used to compute Null Ratio Percentage as part of data source profiling and cleansing. I chose this topic because I had seen a lot of blogs out there that were using script task instead to do this job, because of some constraints with namespaces, I guess. I do not say that this is wrong, but just that SSIS being such a popular tool, any developer who is not into VB/ VC++ should be able to use it. I myself being an Object Oriented Guy (Object Oriented Programming + Programming Guy = Object Oriented Guy), find it a bit difficult to straight  away write VC++ code. So just to give those ‘other developers’ a seamless experience, here is my attempt.  So, Ready, let’s dive in…
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The Secretive Catalog Crawler in OBIEE

Well, Catalog Crawling had always been the unexplored little area of OBIEE. A Google search on it returned me no results.OK Good, I thought, let myself write-up on it and here goes an intro of it….

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Ohh Noooo!!! Its a Null Foreign Key again, and a bit of my Advice!!!

Being a Consultant, I take pride in adding value to my client at every opportunity possible. And it’s the thumb rule of the game, that you keep yourself updated all the time so that you perform on these opportunities.

Ok, What did you mess up??

The Lonely Vacuum Of Space
Yes, It’s just NULL!!! And so, clean it up!!

Ok, fortunately I did not mess up anything, but I lately figured out that in our fact a foreign key was NULL!!

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OBIEE Aggregate Persistence Wizard…. and all the wrongs about it!!!

Wrong Mustard

It’s fundamentally wrong!!

Have you heard of Oracle Business Intelligence’s aggregate persistence wizard or worked on it lately? I think, it’s one poor guy whom most of the developers got wrong!!!

Let me try clearing some air about it…….

  • Were you being tired of designing your aggregated data models?  
  • Were you having tough time generating dimensional surrogate keys?  
  • Are you thinking of how to go about loading the aggregates, even if you had the datamodel?
  • Are you constantly being confronted by the task of updating the Metadata (.rpd), even if you have all the aggregates in place?

If you have any of the above issues, try OBIEE’s Aggregate Persistence Wizard.
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