Dimension Attributes as Properties or Hierarchies, in SSAS 2008?

Hello Everybody, This is my first ever blog post and hope you all find it enjoying and useful. These days, I am trying to set up a SQL Server Analysis Services Cube and Integrate it with OBIEE for our project which I find is quite interesting and worth sharing. So, here it goes….
Dimension Attributes as Properties or Hierarchies?I believe that creating a robust OLAP Cube starts from the day 1 of its design and the way dimensions are designed, probably could be the first chance for optimally designing one. As we know already, a dimension might have some attributes associated with itself and SSAS has a feature to churnout hierarchies out of these attributes for users to slice and dice easily. But think, we have a Customer dimension with Phone Number as an attribute and having a hierarchy out of this attribute, is not all needed as  it is mostly unique for a customer and not really used to slice or dice. So, for these kind of attributes, we can set the ‘AttributeHierarchyEnabled = False’ property to not let SSAS build a hierarchy. This keeps our cube simple, takes off unnecessary processing burden off the server too and saves some space.


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