Request Variables to the Rescue!!!

Zeta Gundam!!!

To the Rescue!!!

With differing capacities of Integration and Production servers, most of the times developers miss an important perspective; How would their code scale in the production systems. I had such a situation, where I could bring in drastic improvements in my report retrieval times.

Ever wished, you had a way to override session level information with users selections? If you were one just like me looking forward to tune your reports further, you would just love the request variables in OBIEE 11g.
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Fast Moving Dimension.. Don’t tell me you have one!!!

Neo Futuron Chicken Walker

A mini dimension!!!!

Guys, so what a slowly changing dimension that is not really slow called?? Of-course, A Fast Moving Dimension…. Hahahaaa

Do you see these characteristics in your dimensions?

  • Has Attributes that are rapidly changing
  • Tracking Changes as type 2 grow the dimension like crazy
  • Seems to be surpassing the fact in a short time

 If you think it has, then its time to churn out a Mini out of your dimension.

So, what a Mini Dimension is?
Simply put, It is a separate dimension with the Set of rapidly changing attributes of the original dimension, talking to the fact directly.

What is a Dimension!! No, seriously What is a Dimension

Happy Thanksgiving

One of my dimensions..

Last week, I had quite an interesting day at my office. Myself and my client got into a war room and sat down with a bunch of papers in one hand and a Teh-O (yes, Teh-O) in the other. We started off to design our dimensional model, and it went quite well for a while, when a question popped up; What is a Dimension. This is really an interesting one, and have not been asked by anybody for quite a while!!! I sat perplexed, and started explaining.

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