OBIEE Aggregate Persistence Wizard…. and all the wrongs about it!!!

Wrong Mustard

It’s fundamentally wrong!!

Have you heard of Oracle Business Intelligence’s aggregate persistence wizard or worked on it lately? I think, it’s one poor guy whom most of the developers got wrong!!!

Let me try clearing some air about it…….

  • Were you being tired of designing your aggregated data models?  
  • Were you having tough time generating dimensional surrogate keys?  
  • Are you thinking of how to go about loading the aggregates, even if you had the datamodel?
  • Are you constantly being confronted by the task of updating the Metadata (.rpd), even if you have all the aggregates in place?

If you have any of the above issues, try OBIEE’s Aggregate Persistence Wizard.
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Change Capture in MS SQL Server… How Cool it is!!!

I too captured some!!!

Incremental loading in data warehouses has always been a trick (for me atleast!!). It involved designing tables to capture the changes, writing PL/SQL triggers to understand the changes etc.

However, with the pretty cool “Change Capture” mechanism built into the databases itself, much of the ETL developers pain has been relieved now.

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