Ohh Noooo!!! Its a Null Foreign Key again, and a bit of my Advice!!!

Being a Consultant, I take pride in adding value to my client at every opportunity possible. And it’s the thumb rule of the game, that you keep yourself updated all the time so that you perform on these opportunities.

Ok, What did you mess up??

The Lonely Vacuum Of Space
Yes, It’s just NULL!!! And so, clean it up!!

Ok, fortunately I did not mess up anything, but I lately figured out that in our fact a foreign key was NULL!!

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Split or Not to Split the FACT!!!

Being a Consultant, I would be asked a number of questions and Yes, I have to give the right answers. 

A Perfect Split!!!

So this time, the question was..

When do you Split the Fact tables?
This is quite an interesting question, and tricky to me at the same time.

Don’t you think so?? Let me tell you then why..

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