Why I love SSIS’ xml task

You too love it, right?? Yes I know, SSIS is such a great tool that’s pretty easy and fast to learn. And, XML’s been a revolution in the way data is being stored, transmitted and consumed. Ultimately, SSIS and XML make a cool combo, don’t they??

In this post, I would like to explore how SSIS’ XML task component could be used to compute Null Ratio Percentage as part of data source profiling and cleansing. I chose this topic because I had seen a lot of blogs out there that were using script task instead to do this job, because of some constraints with namespaces, I guess. I do not say that this is wrong, but just that SSIS being such a popular tool, any developer who is not into VB/ VC++ should be able to use it. I myself being an Object Oriented Guy (Object Oriented Programming + Programming Guy = Object Oriented Guy), find it a bit difficult to straight¬† away write VC++ code. So just to give those ‘other developers’ a seamless experience, here is my attempt.¬† So, Ready, let’s dive in…
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