Fast Moving Dimension.. Don’t tell me you have one!!!

Neo Futuron Chicken Walker

A mini dimension!!!!

Guys, so what a slowly changing dimension that is not really slow called?? Of-course, A Fast Moving Dimension…. Hahahaaa

Do you see these characteristics in your dimensions?

  • Has Attributes that are rapidly changing
  • Tracking Changes as type 2 grow the dimension like crazy
  • Seems to be surpassing the fact in a short time

 If you think it has, then its time to churn out a Mini out of your dimension.

So, what a Mini Dimension is?
Simply put, It is a separate dimension with the Set of rapidly changing attributes of the original dimension, talking to the fact directly.

What is a Dimension!! No, seriously What is a Dimension

Happy Thanksgiving

One of my dimensions..

Last week, I had quite an interesting day at my office. Myself and my client got into a war room and sat down with a bunch of papers in one hand and a Teh-O (yes, Teh-O) in the other. We started off to design our dimensional model, and it went quite well for a while, when a question popped up; What is a Dimension. This is really an interesting one, and have not been asked by anybody for quite a while!!! I sat perplexed, and started explaining.

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